The Avène Matifying Fluid

This post has the air of a sponsored article, yet it is not. I’m not in partnership with Avène. I just wanted to share with you a miracle cream that I discovered there is a little less than a year.

I never had big skin problems even though I have not escaped some buttons a teenager but I was relatively lucky. However, I was never able to find a solution for my combination skin. I had no solution for my skin shines as little as possible in the day. For a year everything changed thanks to this cream. This is the Avène Matifying Fluid. I applied twice per day. Once in the morning, after I washed my face with water and in the evening after having cleansed. I do not have any problem with shine. This little merveille is delivering. Since my skin is clear and without button.

The other positive point is the price, it’s not a very expensive cream. It is around €15 and takes well for several months. It really is a miracle beauty product.


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Café des Marronniers


It exists in the Tuileries garden several nice places for lunch or a sweet break. I tested one, the Café des Marronniers. It is hidden among the trees, in the shade (or sheltered from the rain in these rainy weather). The atmosphere is very pleasant and warm, we are well received and eat simply. The choice à la carte will everyone agree with salads, meats, burgers, etc. It is a spirit brasserie with a twist.

Price aside, do not expect it to be at the lowest … we must still have to pay the place. However, it remains affordable and the average prices of a Parisian brasserie.

I noticed that there were several other restaurants around but I have not had the opportunity to test them. The only thing I can say is that their cards seemed more on junk food or snack. This can be handy when you only pass (although for my part I prefer CoJean which is not far away, I’ll have you talking about it! 😀).

Café des Marronniers
Jardin des Tuileries
75001 Paris



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The super fruit bowl


I love eating in a “bowls”, you know, those kinds of bowls near the form of a simple bole but much more convenient because quite flat. I often eat in my little preparations. Today I just wanted to show you a sweet idea but mostly fruity bol simple but refreshing for the great heat (although these seem to leave us …). Right now, that’s what I like to eat for dinner. I never really wanted to make me meat or fish, or cook vegetables. I tend to make me things simple, fresh and fast. This is not to savor every night because sorbets are very sweet, but occasionally it’s always fun, especially on Saturday nights with a good film 😉❤️


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Street view – La coopérative


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