Finger Food of Weekend


You know what ? It’s Friday ! That means that tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday after tomorrow (wow.. what logic..) Anyway, it mostly means that it is the time of finger food! As I make more attention to my diet during the week, I like to allow me some deviations on the weekend, especially with dînatoires appetizers or brunch. I love having lots of little different things to taste while remaking the world.

In this first article on this subject, I mainly offers small slices of tomatoes, herbs and garlic (you have probably noticed the strong presence of tomatoes in my recipes lately, my grandfather has produced a lot this summer and he offered me a big crate, therefore, I have to eat them, they are so good!). With that, we enjoyed a guacamole. I simply crushed avocado with a fork and added a magic powder which always makes this delicious preparation. To top it all, I bought a small jar of eggplant caviar (made in France). Next time, I promise to make myself, but now it was much simpler.

To all this, add the toasted bread, Mexican chips, good cheese and drinks (with or without alcohol) is you have the perfect nibbles for a Friday or Saturday night (in my opinion of course).

Have a wonderful weekend! 💙
xx, Mary




For 10 tomatoes toasts : 

2 tomatoes
slice of bread (here french tradition)
olive oil
salt and pepper

Cut the bread into slices, roast them in the oven a few minutes. Meanwhile, cut the tomatoes into small cubes. Put the pieces in a bowl, add the parsley and finely chopped chives, 1 tbsp olive oil season with salt and pepper. When you exit the bread of the oven, scrape a few cloves of garlic on the bread so that it permeates the taste. Finally put the tomatoes on top and serve!

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Parisian view


At the corner of a lovely Parisian street … It’s always a pleasure to discover new corners in this city I love so much! Otherwise, the return to college closer and more for me. You have to take back one day, right? I hope each of you spent a good holiday and each back to school or work was smoothy.

xx, Mary ❤️

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Tagliatelle with roasted tomatoes and basil pesto


Today, with the euphoria of the opening of the Bouts de Ficelle site yesterday, I suggest a good plate of pasta to celebrate! I found on a blog that I love, The Whinery, many pesto recipes that seemed absolutely delicious and I wanted to try mine. I adapted one of the recipes I have simplified because I did not have all the necessary ingredients. It was delicious! I do not often eat pasta, so, when I prepared I try to make it a real treat. In addition, it is relatively easy to reproduce and do not much else 😘

xx, Mary




Ingredients for 4 people:

tagliatelle (I can not give you a precise amount)
8 beautiful tomatoes
2 bunches basil
6 garlic cloves
olive oil
salt and pepper

Cut the tomatoes into quarters. Place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper and garlic. Brush the tomatoes with a little olive oil with a brush and salt. Cook for about 20-25 minutes in an oven at 200 ° C. Put the roasted tomatoes (keep some quarters aside to add them to the dish, it brings a little texture), garlic and basil in a food processor. Chop a few seconds and add the olive oil, about 5 tbsp. Salt and pepper. Cook your pasta and voila!

Pasta_pesto_23081507 Pasta_pesto_23081502 Pasta_pesto_23081510

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Launch of Bouts de Ficelle


I’m happy to tell you about it last! In this Tuesday, September 1 opens a new site. The decoration online sales site, Bouts de Ficelle is open!

Start from the beginning, Bouts de Ficelle is very important in my life since 7 years when created. While I was still very young, my mother opened her decoration shop in Paris. One of the finest shops in the world (and I speak objectively!). She has created an atmosphere of antiques while maintaining a stylish and warm side. I grew up along this shop. I spent all my Christmases to help as I could, decorating the showcase with her or by working as a saleswoman. I always loved evolve among all these pretty things.

For 1 year, my mother wanted to change course and change. She saw in the online business a good way to flourish. We talked a lot about every two and we had plenty of ideas. It’s that about four months everything was decided. I helped her best by turning various ideas in order to best mount this new shop. We chose the set design and I helped to optimize for best reflect of her identity. It was much work but I liked having a web project to be realized. We did everything themselves, the photos of the site going through the renovation of the logo.

The products it offers are beautiful and I let you discover them by visiting the site faster! I’m really proud to be part of this adventure and I hope it takes us away! Things certainly evolve over time and I hope to take even more photos of atmospheres for this site.

See you there ? ❤️

xx, Mary

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