Detox lemon mint water


I’m back! I “closed” the site time to change my site hoster for more speed … and more After Sales Service too. Anyway, I’m back! and with pleasure! I boiled with ideas that I want to share with you: recipes, lifestyle, decoration, healthy, etc … I can not wait! :)

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Sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes and chicken with brown rice


Bonjour ! I’m really glad I finally finished the painting in my kitchen! It was intense, I am still dead tired. So, I offer you today a simple but delicious recipe to reproduce. It is also quite healthy with chicken breasts, tomatoes, mushrooms and good brown rice. There is also (as always) a lot of herbs. I put the chives and parsley handles in all my dishes, I love it … :)

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A break at l’Ile de Ré


After the exams and the end of college I was a bit on the kneecaps. I did not want anything and I was “gray” I was told. We had to solve this problem. Luckily, my grandparents were on the Ile de Ré. I am rendered a few days here to have a rest, walk on the beach and sunbathing next to the pool.

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British vanilla scones


By seeing through the photos scones on pinterest and instagram . I had one wish, test a recipe. Today, it’s done. I was amazed at the simplicity that I had to achieve them. I tried some time ago to make a brioche but the result was not really conclusive. I was afraid that my scones will not be very good, they do not rise or they lack taste. Well no. They were very good! I am especially proud to have concocted my own recipe.

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Rhubarb crumble (gluten free)


So yes, the crumble is the least photogenic dessert of the earth, as you can see … I did my best! Anyway, it’s one of my favorite desserts. The basis of fruit and crunchy biscuit, it’s divine! In addition, it is gluten free, so why deprive yourself? This particular rhubarb has quite a history. It comes from the garden of my grandfather. My grandmother was nicely prepared and sent by mail. It is adorable and so cute! I love them 😊❤️

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