Mary Devinat was born in Paris, France. She grew up in a family environment passionate about art and cooking. Her weekends consisted of walking in the French food markets where good cuisine is the most important and going to art galleries or Parisian museums. 

Her parents gave her her first camera when she was 8 years old. Her passion for the image never left her.

She studied art history at the Sorbonne then decided to devote herself fully to her first passion: cooking. She started working for Parisian caterers and restaurants with a nearby camera.

After several culinary experiences, she decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in communication. This allowed her to work in a big Parisian PR agency specialized in gastronomy. She met famous French chefs and began professional photography by creating all the social media content for the agency’s clients.

After this first experience, she was hired as a food stylist in a Parisian agency and worked for famous French brands. 

Then finally decided to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship and began as a stylist and culinary photographer as self-employed.

She can spend hours preparing and stylizing a dish. She is also fascinated when she works for restaurants and great chefs and like to watch their meticulous gestures.

She works alone, without a stylist. Mary likes to manage and puts everything in place according to her point of view.This does not prevent her willingness to share and works closely with her clients. She always listen and enjoy the exchange.

After some times as a food photographer in France, she met her husband who had a job opportunity in the United States of America and she decided to follow him in this new country. Now, she’s based in Pennsylvania. She has rebuilt her photo studio and wants to work for American brands, restaurants and magazines. 

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